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Special machines

We design and deliver special machines, assembly lines,  order preparation lines or any system intended to optimize your process.

Definition of need

PACA special machine industrial consultant Alpes Maritimes  PACA design office

Our starting point is your requirements. They can be induced by your product, your environment or your budget. Deadlines and human factor are taken into account as well.

We then identify your goals. They will often be linked to industrial performance, resulting in cycle times or guaranteed output. Quality and repeatability expectations come in at this stage. We ensure full compliance with your HSE policy.

With this in mind our expertise is the key to formulate the final technical specification as clearly as possible. The good ideas of all feed our technical feasibility assessment to perfect your project. Let's get started with design!

A clear specification, quantified, to simply frame the study and define your expectations. 

Mechanical design

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Here, mechanicals is at the heart of all our solutions. Our design to cost promotes the multifunctionality of each element.
A well designed part is often worth several.
Everything is calculated. Each element is sized optimally to guarantee the reliability of the solution without additional cost. Our kinematics are also simulated and validated.
Special care is taken to the integration of surrounding elements, cables, hoses, etc.
Everything is in place, and nothing sticks out.
You also receive photo-realistic renderings for you to project yourself. Bringing your project to life is a particularly convincing support to decision makers.


The automation of our systems is always at the service of function.
We integrate the various effectors and sensors and  prepare the external communication protocols.
We integrate the electrical cabinets carried out by our partner according to our specifications .
Human-machine interfaces are designed and integrated bearing in mind ergonomics, to easily serve the user.

Workshop assembly

Special parts ordered by our design office are delivered to our workshop.
They are all checked before integration on the machine.
All of the standard elements are tested.  The components then join their location to give life to our systems.
MPS Industry has 250 sqm of workshop for the construction, the testing and the preparation for machine shipping.

Reception & startup

Your machines are assembled and tested. They are ready to join your premises. We manage chartering and are present to unload onsite. All this taking the most great care  of your new tool !
Your production tool is started-up in-situ to check that nothing has moved during transport and installation.
We train your operators to use of the system by accompanying them during first production cycles.
Our design office is able to produce visuals intended for didactic display.
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