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PACA special machine industrial consultant Alpes Maritimes  PACA design office

Technical advice

The success of your operations depends on key criteria. MPS Industry offers technical advice to solve your operational challenges, and take control of your KPIs.

Industrialization study

PACA special machine industrial consultant Alpes Maritimes  PACA design office


Technical feasibility study

  • Sequence cutting
  • Line balancing
  • Layout projection
  • Cadence forecast
  • MB requirements
20220909_PID Assembly line architecture_
  • Costing
  • Cost study
  • Projected ROI
  • Design to cost optimization levers

Financial viability study

LA POSTE NANTERRE_edited_edited_edited.j

Pre-sale engineering

France Accessoire St Victoret_edited.jpg

Calls for tenders assistance

  • Understanding of the initial specifications
  • Innovative solutions proposal
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Defense of the project
  • Translation of the need into manufacturing specifications

Visual communication supports

  • Photo-realistic renderings
  • 3D Animations
  • Immersive views 

Audit & Performance Support

To support your operational savings plan, MPS Industry offers to identify and activate your productivity and cost reduction levers.


Field Observation & Analysis

  • Documentation of existing processes
  • Timing
  • Imaging 

Identification of losses 

  • Non OEE potentials

  • Non-quality

  • Micro-stops

  • Breakdowns

Corrective actions

  • Potential savings report

  • Establishing effective routines

  • Development of agility and autonomy of your teams

Technical expertise

Allow yourself a smooth day-to-day management, and time to prepare for the future.

Image de Remy Gieling

Process flow

Our expertise in multiple process industrialization for medium and large serial production enables us to start a process study from your finished good. We split your BOM into assembly sequences to build an process architecture allowing your target line output.

Image de Mathieu Stern

Tackling hidden costs

An extra operator to face a temporary issue (temporary, really?), an  air leak that you do not hear anymore out of habit, or repeated micro-stops unbalancing your process flow : MPS Industry brings you years of operations management to better detect and get rid of invisible irritants.

Image de Bruno Figueiredo

Energy savings

Energy is a major matter of the coming years, and your consumption tracking becomes a key indicator along your OEE : Our system can integrate a kWh per cycle reporting.

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